Hints for internet bank users

Online banking brings your bank account right to you, to your personal or business computer, whether you are at home or overseas. You can do you virtual banking literally anywhere anytime. No other technology in the current banking world can quite match up to the conveniences that are provided from interest banking. Most banks are now pushing for a strong online element. Most banks require no charge at all for using their internet based services but it’s not unheard of that charges apply.

everything’s more convenient online

Anytime Banking with Ulster Bank

Over the past few years the technology behind Ulster Bank’s internet banking has developed allowing an ever increasing number of options available at your fingertips. Everything from checking your balance or paying your utility bills. Ulster is committed to making its banking services as helpful and accessible as possible and has developed a range of text and mobile banking packages that allow people to manage their finances onthe move

Online Banking Security

The security of internet banking is also continuously being enhanced making the risks involved almost none existent. Still you should always follow a few simple steps and short rules to ensure you:

  • Keep your password safe and be sure to memorize it instead of writing it down or storing it on your computer.
  • It is important that you check you statements on a monthly or even weekly basis to be sure there is not any irregularities. If you notice anything unusual, such as transactions or transfers you did not authorize then you should contact your local bank immediately.
  • You should always make sure that your personal computer is clean, secure, and updated. Spyware could be used to potentially defraud you. Spyware can be used in malicious acts that monitor your password or personal details or the websites you have visited.

Ulster Bank hopes to attract new customers by encouraging them to switch bank accounts in the UK to take advangtage of their Anytime Banking services including internet, mobile and telephone banking.