A bathroom is more than just a room you spend 30 minutes in at the start and the end of the day, depending on your showering habits. It can be a room for relaxation, for enjoying those long soaks in the bath, for enjoying reading a book while the bubbles rise around you. It doesn’t have to be an ugly blemish on an otherwise beautiful home.

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to redesign your bathroom. Where to start? What are you looking to accomplish with this new design? Perhaps you are trying to open up the space, perhaps you are preparing for a new addition to the family, or maybe you just feel a change of scenery is in order. Whatever reason you have decided to renovate your bathroom, now you are looking for ideas and helpful hints and tips – which The Window Shutter Company are happy to help with!

Mirrors to open up the space

A great thing about mirrors is that they have a way of opening up the space without ever doing anything more than just being there. Because of the mirror in the room, it gives the illusion of a larger room without having to pay extra. If you want to go for the infinity room look, you’ll want to place two large mirrors opposite each other, although this effect can be a little overwhelming!

If you’re not keen on the idea of using large mirrors, try placing a mirror along the edge of the bath. It is not as glaringly obvious as it is below eye level, but still contributes to making the whole room look bigger.


Storage Solutions

Try to find ways to incorporate storage solutions into your existing furniture. Can you spare a little space by the bath for towels? Is there a little nook by the window that can be converted to a shelf for shower gels and such? It is all about using the space you have to your advantage. In some situations a bit of extra space behind the door in an awkwardly shaped room can be converted into a whole bookshelf for towels, loofahs, shower gels and creams and more. Use your imagination!

Bespoke Window Shutters

When designing a beautiful bathroom you want to take into account your privacy. However you also don’t want to block out your bathroom from the rest of the world, as natural sunlight is absolutely gorgeous when enjoyed from a warm bath. By using customisable window shutters you can get the right level of privacy you want while also leaving the top half of the window free to let the sunlight in. It is the best of both worlds.

Design Accessories

These are just little finishing touches that draw your eye and add a bit of colour or theme to a room. For example if you would like a ‘beach theme’ in the bathroom, you can add a few decorative seashells to the window sill, or add a photo frame covered in sea shells on the wall to create a subtle theme.

Investing in themed shower gel dispensers and soap holders can also be a quirky way of incorporating your theme into the bathroom, and you’ll want to choose the wall colours or tiles to correspond with the theme as well.

Contrasting yet Complimenting Colours

If you have a monotone bathroom it can end up looking just that; monotonous. By using similar colours in order to contrast and complement each other, you create a bathroom that stands out. To use an example, if you were carrying on your beach theme you might want to select five different shades of blue for the floor tiles, arranging them in a random order so that the bathroom floor almost ‘shimmered’ like the sea would.

A lot of it comes down to personal preference, but if you follow these design tips you can help create a beautiful bathroom perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Revel in your new luxurious bathroom, with wide open spaces and gorgeous window shutters that give you just the right level of privacy. So what will it be, bubble bath or just a plain, relaxing soak?