Organising the Perfect End-of-Season Awards Ceremony

For many enthusiastic part-time footballers, from those at youth level to senior sides, the awards evening is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the season that has past and recognise those who have achieved considerably over the last 9 months.

Often referred to as the highlight of the footballing season, players, officials and staff can celebrate with parents and supporters alike their achievements, both individually and as a collective group.

As an organiser, you will be assigned with making sure this event runs as smoothly as possible and lives up to the expectations of footballers young and old, staff members and both parents and supporters. Here are some tips to follow to ensure you take full advantage of the opportunity at hand and make it an end-of-season awards ceremony to remember.

Bring Together an Organising Committee

You should look to set up an organising committee to plan the evening successfully, with contributions from staff members, supporters groups and parents. Draw up a task list with all the specifics of the awards evening that need to be covered, from catering for attendees to purchasing sports memorabilia and trophies for individuals and teams.

This should be done some months before the start of the season and include organising a venue and budget. Consider what prices will be like for trophies, prizes, certificates and refreshments.

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Work from the Opinions Provided in the Committee

Committees bring about reliable opinions that can make a significant contribution to the success of an event. The team manager will have the final say in most cases but may have very little experience hosting such an event.

Questionnaires that provide both players and parents the opportunity to say what they would like to see at the awards evening can be hugely beneficial during the planning stage. However, having too many opinions or too many people involved in the committee can result in an event never getting organised.

Talk About the Success of the Club

The Football Club itself deserves as much recognition as those within it, so make sure parents and supporters are made aware of the fact that their contributions have significantly helped your club.

A good time to make people aware of this is during the award ceremony itself. Make sure people are aware of how the club has grown over the last year and how you are looking to achieve your goals.

Attract a Well-Known Celebrity or Footballing Icon

It’s not easy to get hold of a football icon or celebrity but thankfully there are plenty out there who would be delighted to support their local youth football development centre or Sunday league team.

Put out advertisements or contact agents or representatives directly and you should be able to attract a local celebrity to your event. This will make the occasion unforgettable for younger footballers and supporters alike.

Ask for Help from Club Associates

If your club is relatively small and only just starting out, it’s a good idea to request help and assistance from members of staff, parents and supporters during the planning stages of the event.

Parents could bring a few of their own ideas to the table during the committee meeting and perhaps take over some of the activities included on the day. Assigning a few tasks a week to those who volunteer can make it much easier for the club to run.

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