Catwalks are a great place to learn about all the latest fashion trends.  High Street stores are great places to get affordable versions of all the trendiest clothes found on the catwalks.

High Street is heavily influenced by what’s happening on the catwalks at fashion shows.  In fact, a few weeks after major fashion shows you will notice that a number of high street stores have new clothes in stock that are based on the trends found at those fashion shows.  If you’re looking for a new look, the High Street shops are great places to find the latest fashions without spending a lot of money.

Sometimes those clothes are almost exact replicas of the clothes found on the catwalk.  Other times, the clothes are just similar or in the same style as the fashion on the catwalk.  Either way, the attention to trends at high street stores allow the average person to wear trendy clothes and look great without having to spend a lot of money.

Several popular trends from the most recent London fashion week have recently made their way into the shops.  In Marc Jacobs most 2011 autumn/winter collection made polka dots a focal point for many outfits.  Right now, many of the High Street shops are featuring polka dots in order to imitate the polka dot trend.

Another trend from London fashion week is the frequent use of stripes in clothing.  This was influenced by the Prada show at London fashion week.  Stores have also been influenced by the blocks of bright colors used by Gucci, Anna Sui and Isabel Marant.

Trends are not limited to different types of colors and patterns.  Thanks to collections from Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, pencil skirts are very popular this year.  Both of those designers as well as a few others on the catwalks used pencil skirts extensively in their designs.  Pencil skirts are popular because they are both trendy and flattering to many figures.

High Street shops that follow designer trends on the catwalk are everywhere.  Some of those shops include Topshop, Peacocks and Dorothy Perkins.  These are great places to go if you’re looking for a new look influenced by the latest trends on the catwalk, but want to get that new look without going broke.

Most of these High Street stores have all the popular looks you want, at a much lower price, usually not more than £200.  These stores carry dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, bags and a wide range of accessories. To help reduce the costs of that ‘catwalk look’ even further, you can gain access to a wide range of online discounts if you know where to look. Boots Treatstreet are currently running a 15% New Look discount code if you shop via the Treatstreet website – Most retailers offer similar schemes, it’s just a matter of searching for the best possible deals.

The majority of High Street stores take their inspiration from the catwalks, and you will see a number of those high fashion influenced trends in the High Street shops.  The clothes from High Street stores are often more wearable and flattering to the average person; they are also usually less expensive versions of the clothes you see on the catwalks around the world.