A major debate in the USA at the moment. Well I say debate, it more seems to be people mindlessly shouting at each other over a bill that No One has read!

America needs health-care reform, Fact! There are 50 Million people in the USA who don’t have health insurance, and that are not getting the care they need. That’s nearly the equivalent of the UK not having any health-care. That is unacceptable for what is supposedly the “greatest nation on earth“.

America is an ignorant nation, well a nation of ignorant people as a whole. There is a lot of opposition to health-care reform, but it is only coming from the rich right. Those who already have health-care. So these people are essentially arguing that 50 million worse off people should not get health-care because they don’t like change.

They don’t even need to change. These people who already have health-care policies can keep them. All the government are trying to do is give free health-care to those 50 million people who cant afford it. Living in Britain I can’t imagine life without free health-care. I think its the most obvious thing to spend tax payers money on, everyone should be entitled to health-care, no matter where you are born or how rich your parents were.

Here is a great video that a lot of people in America should watch:

Stop being bastards! Can’t you see you are just being puppets on strings doing corporate America’s bidding? Health-care insurance companies are making money by not healing sick people. Fact! How is that a good system? Have a word with yourselves!