Running out of battery on your phone whilst out and about is a common infuriating situation. We all like to stay in touch with friends, family and work at all times.

A solar powered mobile phone charger is a solution.

solar table mobile charger


The Sol NRG Table is a quality solar powered mobile phone charger which can be used outdoors in bars, restaurants, parks and Universities and help avoid the nightmare of losing battery power for mobile devices.

Using significant advances in solar technology the table charger has the ability to charge multiple phones and other mobile devices simultaneously. You can sit back and enjoy some time in the sun while your phone re-charges – you only need to bring your cable which connects directly into the table charger.

The Sol NRG charging table uses rows of small solar panels to convert energy from the sun and to generate electricity to charge the battery of your mobile phone.

The technology and design is so advanced that if part of the table is covered, it will still produce sufficient energy to charge your phone battery. Once the table is fully charged, which takes three hours, it is able to continue to deliver a charge whilst in the shade and still top up your battery.

A fully charged Sol Table has enough power to charge over thirty smart phone batteries. It delivers a continuous energy distribution so your smartphone will charge at the normal rate. Once fully charged, the table charger can also be placed in the shade and still distribute energy, or on cloudy days, the table itself can be plugged into the mains to charge.