Whether the current obsession with obtaining invisibility is down to the success of the Harry Potter films, where the titular boy wizard sports an an invisibility cape, or perhaps is a reaction to the surveillance society we currently live in – the combination of Facebook and CCTV monitoring our every move – there seems to be a hunger to disappear.

The military have long seen the value in hiding and disguising their ‘assets’ from the enemy. At its most basic level camouflage has emerged as a technology of invisibility. The problem with painted camouflage however is that it is inflexible. The dream has been of managing to give vehicles a chameleon like ability to mock the appearance of their surroundings.

Given the secretive nature of defence research the progress that has no doubt been made in creating ‘invisibility cloaks’ for tanks and so forth has itself been shrouded in layers of mystery. The publicity departments of major automotive firms have no such qualms – hence the incredible video below:

Mercedes came up with this incredible stunt to promote the new fuel cell that they have developed. The LED technology sadly will not be making it to the showroom versions of this car – the super low emission power system will. No doubt they are hoping that this will make models bearing it popular in the highly competitive business car leasing sector, as lower emission vehicles qualify for a lower rate of company car tax.