I’ve got to admit that I missed most of the past F1 season, but I did at least catch the last race. And I am pleased to report that for the third year running a decent person has won the championship, and in another British made car. Alonso looked set to win his third world title, which unless you are Spanish you certainly did not want to see happen. Let’s face it he is a bit of a douche.

Over the past few years he has often been the centre of scandals, that seem to have harmed those around him more than himself. Thankfully his poor 7th place finish lead the way for Vettel, now the youngest world champion in history, to take the crown. The best part about it was that Vettel has never previously lead the world championship until he won it on the last day. He seems like a decent bloke so well done to you sir.

Feel pretty sorry for Webber though, he arguable drove as good as anyone this season, but sometimes the luck just doesn’t go your way. A bit like Barrichello last year. But top marks go to Team Red Bull, not only for winning the Drivers and Constructors championships, but for doing it without using team orders, that compromise the race and sports integrity. *Cough (Ferrari). Here is Vettel’s Story, Courtesy of the BBC.